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The founders of Heritage are parents who formed the group because they were concerned with the lack of facilities and opportunities available within the local area and London as a whole for their children and young people.
The aim of the group is to encourage and to promote social inclusion, equal opportunities, prevent antisocial behaviour, promote social relationships within the community and the group by bringing family values back to the community through social activities, arts and dance.

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Heritage Roadshow Member

When you are on the stage, there's like thousands of people and I am like noooooo but you get a rush, Heritage Dance Group is great and we meet lots of people, make new friends and have a great brilliant time!

Timeout Magazine

“Dance is at the heart of what they do and the energy at the rehearsal is infectious. Toddlers, teens (and even the occasional parent) bounce to the vibrant beats of souped-up dancehall”

- Heritage Band Member

It's Freedom, its just somewhere to escape everyday life and all the work, its something different and you don't have to think about what you are doing, you just do what you are doing and have fun.

AC Christie, I Love Carnival Magazine

With the Heritage Roadshow band launch last night, I was reminded that carnival is also about family. Looking at Heritage Roadshow, I can see the future generations of masqueraders and carnival enthusiasts. There was a nice warmth to this band launch. I see a band that is very much immersed into its local community. I like it.